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When you need pain relief, there are multiple ways that a chiropractor can help you. Getting chiropractic care can provide help for many types of pain relief. We want every patient we see to feel better, and that's why we offer a range of services at our Westminster, CO, chiropractic office. We at Chiropractic Works North are here to help. Here are some of the services we offer:

Chiropractic Care

You may need chiropractic adjustments to help with your pain by realigning your spine and other joints. We use will use the techniques that are appropriate for your condition to help make sure that your care is of high quality and that is the best kind of technique for your problem. We can use chiropractic care to treat everything from back pain to headaches to neck pain, and more. Some pain conditions originate at the spine, and that's where they may need to be treated. 

Corrective Exercises

You may need to use some corrective exercises to help with irregularities you have in your body. These exercises can help correct the problems and strengthen certain areas. We can help teach these techniques so that you can do your exercises at home and be confident that they are being done correctly. You may have problems with skeletal misalignment and/or with problems that come from this misalignment. When you have pain in the head, neck, or back, the tissues and muscles of your body may be being used improperly so that injuries are caused over time. Corrective exercises can help with these problems. 

Advice for Your Lifestyle

There are a number of lifestyle choices that can affect our physical health and the amount of pain we have. With lifestyle advice, you can find out how your lifestyle is affecting your pain and how you can do better to relieve some of your pain. This type of coaching may be about your diet and/or other lifestyle choices that you could do differently for better results. With the right changes in your lifestyle, you can prevent yourself from aggravating your health challenges and causing more pain. 

Massage Therapy

Massage can be highly therapeutic for various types of pain. Getting a massage can often greatly help people with their pain and allow them a better range of motion.

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Whether you need chiropractic adjustments, massage, nutrition counseling, or other therapies, call us at our Westminster, CO, office to find out more about the therapies that are available to you for pain relief from our chiropractor. We at Chiropractic Works North are here to help. Call us at (303) 428-1914.

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