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At Chiropractic Works North, we have provided residents of Westminster, CO, and the surrounding areas with natural and effective back pain treatment for several years. When you first visit our office, we will assess your musculoskeletal system to determine the root cause of your pain and immobility and create a chiropractic care plan to address it. Read on to learn more about back pain and how we treat it.

back pain

Why Back Pain Is So Prevalent

Before diving into how chiropractic treatment can help address the problems caused by back pain, it’s useful to understand why back pain is so common in the first place. Back pain can be caused by all kinds of conditions and diseases.

Diseases such as arthritis and osteoporosis are common causes of back pain. Irregularities in your spine may lead to you experiencing sustained back pain as well. If there’s something wrong with the disks along your vertebrae, you can expect those to be sources of back pain.

Back pain can develop just as a result of you going through your normal, day-to-day activities. Lift something the wrong way and you may pull something in your back. That sensation will soon be followed by the unpleasant feeling of pain. Active individuals who play sports or work out regularly can also sustain a back injury if they mess something up.

You don’t even have to move your body around much to experience radiating from your back.  Day-to-day life can also be the reason why you are living with back pain. Normal actions include not exercising, slouching, and smoking, just to name a few.

What Kind of Back Pain Treatment Do You Require?

As you have just read, the potential causes of back pain are various. Because of that, the forms of treatment can be similarly varied. For diseases with side effects that include back pain, doctors may prescribe medication. Individuals who were in major accidents recently may require surgery to address the back pain they are experiencing. Many individuals don’t need that kind of back pain treatment though. The back pain they have may be uncomfortable, but it may not be serious enough to warrant medication or surgery.

Remember that chiropractic treatment is another option for relieving back pain. Regular chiropractic adjustments will relieve your pain, restore your mobility, and improve your body’s natural ability to heal itself. These adjustments will also prevent your pain from returning.

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